Customer Success Stories

Welcome to our Customer Success Stories page, where you'll find firsthand accounts of how our virtual tour services have transformed businesses. 

Join us in discovering how our clients have redefined the way they connect, engage, and succeed with our services.

Setia SPICE 

Setia SPICE revolutionized their international roadshow with Spacentive's 360° virtual tours. By showcasing their spaces using tablets, they eliminated the need for traditional brochures. Booth visitors simply scanned the QR code, immersing themselves in an interactive exploration. 

This efficient and engaging strategy not only streamlined logistics but also left a lasting impression on international audiences.

Hotel Neo+ Penang

Hotel Neo+ Penang transforms the hotel experience with embedded 360° virtual tours on their website. Prospective guests can virtually tour the hotel's spaces, enhancing the booking process.

The marketing team capitalizes on this innovation by showcasing the hotel's facilities through dynamic 360° views, simplifying and visually enriching the decision-making process for potential clients.

SPB Property

SPB Property is changing how they showcase La Casa Lunas, their new township development. With our virtual tour, prospective buyers can easily navigate the project, understand its unique features, and imagine life in this vibrant community. This interactive experience goes beyond pictures, not only helping SPB Property showcase their development but also serving as a game-changer in how they market La Casa Lunas.

Stonyhurst International School, Penang

Our embedded virtual tour on the school's website is a valuable asset for showcasing Stonyhurst International School to families worldwide, particularly those unable to visit in person. This interactive experience provides a realistic insight into the campus, surpassing static visuals. Prospective families can virtually explore the school's facilities, gaining an authentic feel for Stonyhurst and making informed decisions about their child's educational journey.

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